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Shameitra N. Green, M.A. LMFT - Therapist

Shameitra N. Green, M.A. LMFT

Shameitra Green


Shameitra’s passion and curiosity for the dynamics of love and all levels of human relationships attracted her to the field of marriage and family psychotherapy.   Throughout her enrichment, Shameitra has found that every human being is born with an ingrained need for a sense of belonging, love, freedom, and power and that the relationship of a child to caretaker is the single-most significant one in his or her development.  For this reason, Shameitra is a marriage and family therapist, working with parents, children, adolescents, and young adults; assisting them in creating and/or reformulating strong, unwavering connections.  In her role as a dual-licensed clinician as a marriage family therapist and licensed professional counselor, Shameitra fosters and develops interpersonal relationships, for individuals with personal needs, couples with marital needs, and families with supportive needs.  Shameitra has also dedicated her time to explore The Effects of Family Therapy on an International Level through her research team, in which she conducted and had work presented at the 17th International Family Therapy Conference in Portoroz, Slovenia and 18th International Family Therapy Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The International Perspective on Family Therapy research has also lead to publication in the respected mental health source The Journal of Family Psychotherapy. Shameitra is also a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT,) Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (TAMFT,) and current member and past board member of the Houston Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (HAMFT.) Shameitra is also a registered provider of a healthy marriage and relationship incentive program called Together In Texas to provide pre-martial/relationship, educational classes.  Currently, Shameitra is working towards becoming certified as a Trauma Focused- Cognitive Behavioral Therapist.


My therapeutic style with my clients is warm and compassionate.   I am dedicated to creating a safe space for my clients to explore issues that they may be vulnerable to and have difficulty with.  My primary goal is to work collaboratively with my clients to better understand their issues that are contributing to their pain, anxiety, confusion or anger in their lives.   My belief is that therapy is a journey of self-discovery, healing, and renewal.

Personally, Shameitra nourishes her mind, feeds her soul, and revitalizes her spirit through spending quality time with family and friends, her devotion to dance, her muse through music, her passion for fashion, and her tenacity to travel.

Shameitra is in the process of obtaining her  certification in Trauma Focused- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)


[nek-suh s]

noun, plural nexuses, nexus.

1.   a means of connection; tie; link.

2.   a connected series or group.

3.   the core or center, as of a matter or situation.

History behind the Name

My practice name reflects the holistic design of who we all are as we travel along this journey called life. As well as my belief of the holistic healing journey to become acquainted with all you really are, and live the life that justly fits. The therapeutic journey should speak to the core of who you are by examining the connected series of your life.

Through this examination, the goal is to connect with your authentic self to discover what thoughts, beliefs, and patterns of behaviors work for you to move forward in life. As well as for you to discover the outdated thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that unjustly misrepresents your true self and hinders your progress towards what you really want. The discovery and operation from your authentic self is the bridge that links you to where you been to where you are going.

“ Your relationships with others is a direct reflection of your level of intimacy with yourself.”

Definition of the Infinity symbol

INFINITY (also eternity): In ancient India and Tibet, it represented perfection, dualism, and unity between male and female. In the occult tarot it’s linked to magic and represents equilibrium or the balance of various forces. The uroborus (a circular serpent biting its tail — a UN symbol for “Human Settlements“) has been found in this shape. In modern times, it became a secular mathematical symbol for infinity in numbers, time or space.

History of Logo

I love the multiple meaning of the infinity symbol and I feel it too reflects life and the healing journey. First and foremost I feel in love with the infinity symbol and it’s personal imprint on my heart, as a memorandum to the special bond between my mother and I. I initially loved that the infinity symbol represents a boundless, limitless value. The juxtaposition of its meaning and the nature of human behavior and thought created curiosity and reflection. We often put restraining limits upon ourselves that often stifles us in our self –growth, however, working against the boundless and limitless desires of our hearts. Upon, further research into the infinity logo while designing my logo; I discovered it also reflects unity and balance.  Along this therapeutic healing journey, there has to be a commitment to move beyond previous set limits to address fears, doubts, and other factors that keep you stuck. There also has to be a level of self-compassion to the duplicity of your humanity, and self-acceptance to the balance of healthy life maintenance.