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From My Couch To Your Couch- Child Abuse Prevention Month

Hello All,

I am SO excited to launch a long received vision of mine to continue to keep vital conversations around mental and emotional wellness going! Years ago I noticed whenever I would collide my worlds together in fellowship, I would receive comments such as “we can tell who the therapists in the room are because y’all just take the conversation to different levels.” Of course, from my perspective I was gathered in a room or event with all my dynamic people mingling having great conversation together. However, as I kept receiving feedback on this “I spot a therapist” in fellowship with my diverse group of friends; I started to notice there would be a shift in these engagements. It would start as all parties being active participants In interactions to eventually becoming witnesses in reflection, as my fellow therapists friends and I continued to carry the conversation. 

So when I thought about those experiences, as well as the great depth of conversations I have with colleagues who I am also privileged to call friends….we have the birth of From My Couch to Your Couch (yes that title came with the vision years before COVID 19 pandemic couch living;)  

From My Couch To Your Couch will be a platform where you will have opportunity to reflect, gain insight, growth, and hopefully continued healing through great informal conversations with my friends and I beyond the formalities of sessions and other professional domains. 

In this first episode of From My Couch To Your Couch and in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month, I invited a few of my friends and colleagues who are some of the most esteemed  trauma informed therapists with expertise working with children, adults, and families in the epidemic of Child Sexual Abuse, Exploitation, and Neglect. 

Featured Therapists:
Shameitra N. Green, LMFT

Pam Schubert, LCPC-S, RPT-S 
Psychology Today 

Heather Timmis, LMFT-S; heather.timmis@gmail.com; Nick Finnegan Counseling Center- 713-402-5046; The Couple Zone- 832-377-8813

Saudia Turney, LMFT-S 
Friendswood Center for Couples and families 
Mind Body Soul Healing Center 
Individual, Couples,& Families
Mental health Nutrition &Amino Acid therapy (alternatives to psychiatric medications)

Veronica Villarreal, LMFT, RPT 

Diane Vines, LMFT-S, LPC-S, RPT-S 
dtvines@outlook.com.  https://www.neurosequential.com/https://www.bdperry.com/https://www.childtrauma.org/